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Dredging and Marine

We are a long-established key player in the dredging and marine market, more recently including environmental restoration in our portfolio.
Having undertaken some challenging projects for our Nigerian and multi-national clients, we are well placed to meet your needs.

Our activities have recently been expanded from dredging and land reclamation to also cover supporting activities like environmental clean up and water treatment, agrochemicals, Printing chemical and lots more.
As the company seeks to expand significantly in its reach, we have sought to offer global solution to our clients both locally and internationally.

TECHNICAL AND OPERATIONAL CAPABILITIES - Blue Atlantic together with technical partners has with global experience of over 35years in the dredging industry have gone into technical partnership in dredging services within Nigeria. With the supports of key global financial institution, we are eminently qualified to carry on the business of dredging in Nigeria.

Dredging Services -
  1.  Dredging
  2. Reclamation for infrastructure development
  3. Hiring of heavy equipment
  4. Marine services related to dredging
  5. Canalization, channelling and creek improvement for oil rigs and vessel passage
  6. Maintenance of dredged oil wells
  7. Sand stacking for earth reclamation
  8. Leasing of marine and constructing equipment (barges, tugboats, pay loaders, bulldozer trucks, e.t.c)
  9. Haulage and supply of sand and chipping
  10. Water treatment

Company Equipments:-

Trailing Sunction Hoppper Dredgers

Cutter  Sunction Dredgers

Bucket Dredgers

Drill Boats

Backhoe  Dredgers

Water Injection Dredgers

Self Propelled Hopper

Transaction Barges

Spreader Pontoons

D.P Side Stone Dumping Vessel


Booster Pumps

Lifting Vessels

Shallow Water Excavator Bucket

Deep Sea Dredging Barge, Docking

  • SAFETY INITIATIVE- All our operations involving large equipment operation on water can be hazardous if conducted without recourse to the environment and safety first and safety last. Blue Atlantic’s highest priority is the safety of its employees. We promote a safety culture which is predicated on staff training, awareness and mutual responsibility for the well being of our workforce.
  • PROJECTS EXPERIENCE - a. Maintenance project to keep shipping channels and harbors at their required depth.  b. Capital Works to evaluate, deepen or widen navigable waterways.  c. Beach restoration for storm damage coastlines. d. Reclamation works to restore wetlands and or create new land in the ocean.    
  • INOVATION -Working at the top of an industry, requires continuous innovation to maintain market leadership. To this end, we have introduced a Research, Development and Engineering division that has put in place the finest and most experienced specialists to bear in our quest for proficient service delivery. Not only do our R&D Engineers have a broader experience in the field, but they rely much on continuous input from our project managers overseas.
Head Office:

Plot 1129, Muktar El-Yakub’s Place, Zakaria Maimalari St, Central Business Dis, Abuja 900103, Federal Capital Territory.

UK Office:
12 Marada House
23 Brondesbury Park
London NW6 7BS
+44 (0) 2033048901
M: +44 (0) 7466970397


+234 (0) 903 0000 8741
+234 (0) 815 3233  3381


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