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Printing Chemicals


Industrial Pigments

We distribute major industrial pigments which are available in various colours and are chemically tested. They are water proof and also have an ability to dry quickly. Our industrial pigments are also intermixed to obtain new colours and shades. We can also distribute these pigments according to client's requirements and demands.
Our range includes:
Pigment Paste
Pigment Colour
F.R. Pigments


Chemical Powder and Paste

The chemical powder and paste manufactured by us are used worldwide for making cosmetic and antiseptic creams which efficiently help in solving the problems of people suffering from skin ailments.
Our range includes:
Gum Powder
Dye Powder
Double Tone
Pearl Powder
Night Glow Powder
Radium Powder
Pevri Powder
Japani Pearl Paste
Pigment Paste


Organic & Inorganic Chemicals

As a leading distributors, we supply various organic and inorganic chemicals which are used in various industries. We have well equipped labs and distribution channels with qualified and dedicated staff to keep strict checks on the quality of the chemicals being distributed.
Our range includes:
Titanium (All Kinds)
Silver (Powder & Paste)
Cosmetic Chemical
Anodising Chemical & Colour
Neel Chemicals & Colour
D. B. L. S.
T. B. L. S.
E. M. C.
Silicon (Oil Milk, Powder & Spray)
Zinc Powder & Lithophone
P.V A. (Hot & Cold)
D. O. P
N. C. Lacquers
Sulphate Group
C. P. W.
Calcium (All Kinds)

As a result of our experience in supplies and distribution of printing chemicals in the West Africa Region, together with extensive research and development, we are now able to offer a comprehensive and innovative range of high quality chemical products which meet the daily needs of printers, enabling them to produce higher quality print.

We recognize that the world has become a 'smaller' place with more complex demands, however we remain committed to ensuring that our distribution can compete both in terms of price and quality and that in turn the printer gets value for money from the use of our products. As major distributors and suppliers of printing chemicals e.g money printing e.t.c in the West African Region with our major market in Nigeria, we have positioned our marketing strategy in making sure that our clients get printing chemicals of the finest quality

Some of our Chemicals are listed below:

-Caustic Soda
-Carbon Black
-Chrome Oxide Green
-CMC, Iron oxide black
-Iron oxide red
-Iron oxide green
-Iron oxide yellow

-Sodium hexametaphosphate
-Sodium metabisulfite
-Titanium dioxide
-Zinc oxide
-Formic acid
-Glacial acetic acid
-Oxalic Acid
-Industrial Waxes.

-Wax Emulsions
-Polymer Additives
-Industrial Lubricants & Oil Additives
-Synthetic and Semi Synthetic Coolant
-High Performance Additives for Rust Preventive Oil
-De-Greasing / De-Oiling Agent

Head Office:

Plot 1129, Muktar El-Yakub’s Place, Zakaria Maimalari St, Central Business Dis, Abuja 900103, Federal Capital Territory.

UK Office:
12 Marada House
23 Brondesbury Park
London NW6 7BS
+44 (0) 2033048901
M: +44 (0) 7466970397


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